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Yale MUN X GD Goenka Model United Nations – Gurgaon

Published on May 9, 2024


Yale MUN X GD Goenka Model United Nations – Gurgaon

Yale MUN X GD Goenka
Model United Nations - Gurgaon
Celebrating 30 years of Educational
Excellence at GD Goenka
Co-Powered By
29th Nov - 1st Dec, 2024
9:00 am to 6:00 pm IST
Grade 6 to 12
GD Goenka World School

Application Fee Till 6th September:

Rs.10,000 + Taxes

Application Fee Till 30th September:

Rs.15,000 + Taxes
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Know About us
What is the Yale MUN X GD Goenka MUN?
800 Delegates l 100 Cities l 180 Schools

The world's most prestigious Model United Nations, Yale MUN, is partnering with GD Goenka to create an exclusive MUN conference for GD Goenka students. This exceptional event, organized by the Yale MUN X GD Goenka Secretariat, offers a distinguished platform for students to engage in high-level debates and diplomatic simulations, addressing critical global issues such as security, development, human rights, and sustainability.

This unique collaboration ensures a transformative educational experience, making it one of the foremost Model UN experiences globally, designed to cultivate future leaders and global citizens.

Welcome to Yale MUN X GD Goenka!

Dear delegates, diplomats, and changemakers,

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to welcome you to the YMUN x GD Goenka conference, to take place on the beautiful campus of GD Goenka High School in Gurgaon from November 29th to December 1st, 2024. It has been a longtime vision of the Yale Model United Nations to bring the Model United Nations experience to South Asia—and we could not be more thrilled to invite around 500 driven, knowledgeable, passionate delegates from the GD Goenka Schools to partake in three exciting days of dialogue and diplomacy this winter. Our conference will boast a number of unique committees—similar only in their delegates’ shared commitment to inclusive and innovative policymaking.

The Secretariat aspires to make the YMUN x GD Goenka Conference the best experience of a MUN conference that delegates have had to date. With a number of diverse committees catering to multiple areas of interests and levels of experience, we aim to create an enriching environment where all delegates, regardless of their background in MUN, will engage in highly intellectual and stimulating debates.

This is the vision of YMUN x GD Goenka. To bring together some of the world’s most intelligent and imaginative young minds in hopes of taking on the planet’s most pressing challenges. I hope that many of you will not feel daunted by such a lofty task, but rather inspired. Over the three days of our conference, you will be pushed far outside of your comfort zone: asked to tackle unfamiliar, challenging topics from unfamiliar, challenging perspectives.

It won’t be easy, but we promise it will be rewarding. In return, we are confident you’ll build long-lasting connections, advance your understanding of international relations and global affairs, and, most importantly, hone the skills needed to become the next generation of world leaders.

See you in December

Kyle Guo
President, YMUN India


Heritage International School Gurgaon, Grade 10

Yale MUN was truly a rollercoaster journey for me, filled with exhilarating debates, unexpected crises, and unforgettable memories. A must-try experience!

Yale MUN was truly a rollercoaster journey for me, filled with exhilarating debates, unexpected crises, and unforgettable memories. A must-try experience!

Meet the Team
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Secretariat Member

Nick Koobatian

Yale University

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Secretariat Member

Joanne Lee

Yale University

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Secretariat Member

Sarvenaz Mohaghegh

Yale University

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Madelynn Huff

Yale University

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Melanie Ulloa

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Juan Carlos Gonzalez

Yale University

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Graham Litz

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President & Secretary General
President, YMUN India

Kyle Guo

Yale University

Secretary General

Poppy Stowell-Evans

Yale University

Hear from Our Alumni

Like any activity or sport, Model UN takes practice and skill. But if this is your first conference, no need to worry! In preparation for an incredible time at the conference, this year we are offering you a preparation guide carefully curated by the team.

Many of our delegates are first-timers to Model UN, and we hope that this webpage, as well as the forthcoming background guides, will prove effective resources to help you get started. While you will have access to more specialized training both before and during the conference, with committee directors trained to answer any questions you may have, please do not hesitate to raise questions about MUN procedure, your topic, or even life at Yale to any of the Dais staff or Secretariat members.

Prior To The Conference

First, effective delegates begin by seeking to deeply know and understand their committee topic. Once background guides become available, they will provide extensive insight into the topic to be discussed. The background guide, in fact, should be your first stop for committee information as the Director of the committee has compiled, organized, and presented all information that he or she expects the committee to discuss in this very document. All of our background guides also include a bibliography to fuel additional research.

Delegates should learn as much as possible about the country they will be representing — both in general and in relation to the topic they will be discussing in committee. While our background guides include an analysis of bloc positions on the topic, students should also attempt to understand the specific positions of their respective nations – essentially donning the role of a diplomat representing the said country, in the process!

On a more general note, thorough preparation is essential to making Yale MUN X GD Goenka the best possible educational experience. Pre-conference research makes the committee more fun and rewarding, as delegates can then immerse themselves in their roles as high-ranking diplomats.

Delegates will be required to submit position papers on their topic areas prior to the conference. The general guidance for Yale MUN X GD Goenka position papers will be listed in the background guide as well as the Guide to Delegate Preparation.

  • If you are in the GA, ECOSOC or Regional Body, please write a position paper of 1-2 pages stating how your allocated country views the issues at hand. Think about what historical perspective your allocated country or position brings, and what that might imply for what you (as a representative of that country or position) will aim to accomplish in committee.
  • Your position paper should be submitted on MUNbase under the file name [committee_position_school]. Please submit as a .doc, .docx., or .pdf.
  • In addition to this, Yale MUN X GD Goenka’s policy against plagiarism is strict—so do keep that in mind. Any delegates with plagiarized position papers will not be considered for awards. If you have questions about your position paper or what constitutes plagiarism, please email director

NOTE: Specialized Agencies will often submit position papers in a different, specialized format from those of the GA, ECOSOC, or Regional Bodies.

Committee Dynamics

At Yale MUN X GD Goenka (YMUNXGDG), each committee holds three sessions across the three days of the conference. These sessions are meticulously crafted to maintain delegate engagement and foster dynamic participation. Oversight of the committee’s substantive aspects falls under the purview of a committee director who also assumes the role of a moderator, ensuring that debates adhere to formal rules of parliamentary procedure. Typically, the first session of each committee involves agenda setting, where delegates collaboratively decide on the initial topic area to be discussed. Subsequently, delegates immerse themselves in a blend of formal debates and caucuses aimed at crafting resolutions that tackle issues pertinent to the chosen topic area. Formal debates provide delegates with the platform to articulate their stances to the entire committee, facilitating clarity of positions. 
During caucuses, rules are relaxed to encourage informal discussions, allowing delegates to exchange ideas freely, thus facilitating the emergence of cohesive solutions outside the confines of parliamentary procedure. 
Throughout the deliberations, delegates are challenged to strive towards consensus while faithfully representing their respective countries’ policies. This multifaceted approach ensures that YMUNXGDG serves as a platform for rigorous diplomatic discourse and the cultivation of critical negotiation skills among participants

Every Yale MUN X GD Goenka committee director dedicates a significant period of time to researching and compiling an extensive and comprehensive background guide. These guides serve as the ideal starting point for delegating research, offering a detailed bibliography of further sources.
However, additional, self-directed research remains the cornerstone of the delegate experience. Delegates are strongly encouraged and expected to engage in outside research to enhance their participation in and enjoyment of the committee.

Working papers are used to collect and circulate delegate ideas. The ideas in a working paper are debated and eventually moulded into formal documents written in the style of actual UN resolutions. After a formal introduction In the committee, resolutions are debated, amended, and voted on by the body. Passed resolutions represent hours of debate, negotiation, and compromise.

While it is satisfying to see the hard work of the committee culminated in a resolution, Yale MUN X GD Goenka’s philosophy emphasizes the process of negotiation rather than the resolution itself. A committee must not necessarily pass a resolution to be considered a success. Yale MUN X GD Goenka does not have official sponsors of resolutions and, in order to maximize the incentive for compromise, only one resolution on a given topic area can be passed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in Yale MUN x GD Goenka India?
Yale MUN x GD Goenka is open to School students from all the GD Goenka schools who are in grades 6-12.

Where will Yale MUN x GD Goenka India be held?
For Yale MUN x GD Goenka 2024, all conference events will take place in GD Goenka World School, Sohna-Gurgaon Road.

What is the format of the Yale MUN x GD Goenka India 2024?
Yale MUN x GD Goenka follows the UNA-USA format.

When will delegate registration close?

Can I register as an individual?
Yes, you can definitely register as an individual delegate.

When will the Assistant Director and Organizing Committee applications open?

What is the dress code at Yale MUN x GD Goenka India?
All delegates must dress in Western Business Attire (WBA) while at Yale MUN x GD Goenka. As a general rule, WBA requires that delegates dress in a suit jacket, slacks or skirts, dress shirt, and dress shoes. National Attire is also permitted.

Will participants be awarded any certificates?
All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation, jointly issued by the Yale International Relations Association (YIRA) and Yale MUN x GD Goenka.

Awards for Individual Delegates in Committees:

1. Best Delegate: Awarded for exceptional performance and diplomacy.
2. Outstanding Delegate: Recognizes significant contributions to committee proceedings.
3. Honorable Mention: Acknowledges notable efforts and insightful contributions.
4. Verbal Commendation: Given for active and constructive participation.
5. Best Position Paper: Awarded for the best-written position paper submitted by a delegate.

Note: The number of awards in each category will vary based on the committee size.

Awards for School Delegations:

1. Top Large Delegations: Recognizes the best-performing school delegation comprising 20 or more students.
2. Top Small Delegations: Awards the top-performing school delegation comprising fewer than 19 students.

What is the refund policy for Yale MUN x GD Goenka 2024?

What should I do if I have more questions?
First, consult our conference’s Terms and Conditions for participants before you register. It answers a lot of common questions about Yale MUN x GD Goenka policies and experience. And, if you have any further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Email: info@thebigredgroup.com

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