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Playing To One’s Peculiarity? Know the Advantages of Introversion & Extroversion

Published on May 19, 2021


Playing To One’s Peculiarity? Know the Advantages of Introversion & Extroversion

The Introvert/Extrovert Spectrum
Everyone has different personalities which make us all fit in or stand out. Introversion or extroversion is something that is used often to classify or define someone’s personality. Most individuals probably have an inclination about where they lie on this spectrum, but how can you know for sure?

To answer this question, psychologists and other intellectuals have created tests such as the MBTI, the Enneagram, and the DISC profile. These evaluations are mostly based on assessing how an individual prefers to spend their time. The main difference between the two is that introverts tend to get their energy from within while extroverts get it from the people around them instead.

Stereotype Shutdown

Introverts seem to have pulled the short stick and sometimes tend to get a poor rapport for being shy and socially awkward. It’s often said that they don’t make good leaders; however the aforementioned is far from an accurate definition of introversion. As a matter of fact, introversion in no way, shape, or form hampers communication. Saying that introverts don’t communicate or lead with great influence is another false perception of them. Just look at introverted entrepreneurial leaders across business, literature, science, and activism who have changed the world – including Bill Gates, J.K. Rowling, Rosa Parks, and Mark Zuckerberg to name a few.

There are some common misconceptions about extroverts as well. They’re not all overconfident, gregarious and obnoxious and need time to recharge as well.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

These traits really don’t have much to do with it and introversion is more based on if:

  • You enjoy spending time alone

  • You prefer quality time with one or two people over spending time with bigger groups of friends

  • You need alone time to rest and recharge after a busy workday or period of activity

  • You can get lost in your thoughts easily and need time to process and think through most things

Being an extrovert also has more to do with if:

  • You prefer spending your time around other people and dislike being alone

  • You like crowds, parties and other gatherings with lots of new people

  • You need quality time with others to help you recharge

  • You’re outgoing, talkative, and like being the center of attention

Taking Advantage

Knowing yourself and your personality can be a powerful tool and it can help you be more self-aware. Personality types and characteristics are advantageous in recognising how we lead, influence, communicate, collaborate, and manage stress. Understanding why you are the way you are and why you do the things you do can go a long way. It can allow you to play to your strengths and address your weaknesses, but most of all it can help you be happier by first telling you how you’re most comfortable.

Being an introvert can actually be quite advantageous. Their strengths are sometimes overlooked but they can often be irreplaceable assets in a team as:

  • They’re really good listeners: Introverts process information internally, which allows them to fully hear and understand what’s being said. This makes them naturally adept at actively listening.

  • They think before they speak: Introverts like to carefully consider their words before speaking, which can make what they say insightful and impactful. This also makes them less prone to knee-jerk reactions in both online and physical settings.

  • They’re observant: When introverts are in a room, they can read the body language and facial expressions of others well. This makes them better at interpersonal communication.

  • They make deep connections: Introverts choose who to engage with carefully and wisely. When they do, they are attentive, loyal, and committed which helps establish deeper connections.

Extroverts also play big roles in making a team what it is and are indispensable in their own way as:

  • They radiate enthusiasm: Extroverts bring electric energy to social situations. They love to engage with others, and it shows what makes speaking with them extremely enjoyable.

  • They work well in group settings: They’re highly sociable and confident. Due to this, they’re able to easily network and navigate through social situations.

  • They’re determined: Extroverts aren’t afraid to put in the work or talk to the right people to make your goals happen. This helps them be more successful and faster.

  • They’re curious: Curiosity may be what killed the cat, but it benefits extroverts. They have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and are willing to ask questions to get where they want to.

Your personality is uniquely yours, whether it extends to introversion or extroversion. There’s nothing wrong with either, they’re just ways to describe where you draw your energy from and both can be taken advantage of. Once one fully understands their personality and realises the advantages of it, the opportunities are endless. Just a simple 10 minute test like the Enneagram can help you shape your future better. From then on, one can work towards being truly happy by only learning how to play to their peculiarity.

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