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Your Path to the Ivy League

Published on March 7, 2023


Your Path to the Ivy League

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    This Masterclass is best for high school students who -

    Dr. Joseph Rios will be discussing in this masterclass how entrepreneurship can serve as the key to unlocking the doors to your dream colleges. He will also give a brief overview of one of the best entrepreneurship programs for high school students - the Venture For All®’s Global Entrepreneurship Program.

    Venture for All®’s Global Entrepreneurship Program is actually taken off the frameworks from an MBA program called Launch Your Startup at the Columbia Business School. It bridges learnings from the most coveted entrepreneur course in the MBA program at Columbia Business School to students interested in entrepreneurship and business

    The masterclass also includes a Q&A segment where students can ask any pertinent questions.

    Things you will learn -

    Prof. Daniel McQuade

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